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SYNOPSIS: A new slasher film is in the works. A casting director brings two D-list actresses, both notorious for solely playing the "final girl", in for an audition with horror legend, William Whitlock.


The two women, who seemingly couldn't be more polar opposites from each other, try to one-up each other in just about every way as they vie for the role of a lifetime. But, what starts off as a chemistry audition becomes an actual life-or-death battle as the two final girls' real-life survival skills are put to the test when they discover the studio doors are locked and the audition is not exactly what it seems...


Life imitates art in this dark comedy horror short pressure, anxiety, and fear of auditioning, along with some of the very harsh realities of some of Hollywood's casting processes. As the final girls fight to live up to their renowned titles, their true survival skills come out when their audition takes a dark turn. But- there can only be one true Final Girl.


The film, for which Lito served as actor, composer, and one of the producers, is currently in its festival run and has received a handful of accolades and awards along the way. The hope for the film is that once its festival run is complete it will be available to watch on a streaming service.


For now, check out the trailer and poster, below!



SYNOPSIS: Slotting directly into the events of the 1981 sequel, the commercial for this fun new game literally places the action on that same infamous night in 1978 - the night when HE came home. Michael Myers, having just entered Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, stalks characters both new and familiar (to hardcore fans) as he seeks to eliminate any possible obstacles between him and Laurie Strode. Will anyone survive this initial rampage of terror in the hospital?


The ad features a music score composed by Lito as well as his portrayal of Michael Myers / "The Shape". Written and directed by Matt Russell. A MasiMedia production in partnership with Fright Rags and in association with Universal Pictures Studios.

Halloween II: The Game music score, composed by Lito Velasco, is now available for only $4 on various platforms! To purchase now, simply click the links below or scan the QR code!

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