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About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting my page! I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicagoland, where I began studying the arts at age 5. Focusing on acting and music performance (percussion and piano), my arts education continued at The Interlochen Arts Academy, The Juilliard School, and Indiana University.

In 2005, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue careers as an actor and film composer, as nothing fuels my passion in life more than being a part of the creative process of filmmaking. My perseverance in the field of acting lead to my membership in SAG/AFTRA and my contributions to film music have resulted in a handful of awards thus far.

I am currently seeking representation while continuing my acting career in film and television productions. Ultimately, I wish to be a part of the creation of memorable, meaningful, and entertaining projects as an actor who will be appreciated for his diversity as well as his authenticity. As a film composer, my goal is to aid in the telling of stories that will both move and thrill watchers all across the globe.



Height: 6'

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown


Final Girls' Bloodbath | Co-Star | Dir. Ashley Mary Nunes

Halloween II: The Game | Lead | Dir. Matt Russell

Breathe | Supporting | Dir. Mitch Yapko (AFI)

Mika | Co-Star | Dir. Kyung Sok Kim (AFI)

The Call of the Void | Supporting | Dir. Austin Rourke (AFI)

Plumbers | Lead | Dir. Joshua Gorden

All Through the House | Co-Star/Stunts | Dir. Todd Nunes

Scary Larry | Co-Star/Stunts | Dir. Todd Nunes

Demon Garden | Lead | Dir. Michael Granberry

Untitled Poem | Lead | Dir. Bandar Albuliwi (AFI)

2081 | Supporting | Dir. Chandler Tuttle

My Albanian Hero | Lead | Dir. Patricia McPhaul

The Laundry | Lead | Dir. Rudik Osario

The Date | Lead | Dir. Duke

Dream Date | Lead | Dir. Rafael Suarez


The Hound of Baskervilles | Jack Stapleton | Dir. Jon Berry

The Night of January 16th | Larry "Guts" Regan | Dir. Jon Berry

The Unexpected Guest | Sergeant Cadwallader | Dir. Jon Berry

Fiddler on the Roof | Tevye | Dir. Marge Reinhart

Theme Park Performance

Warner Bros Horror Made Here | The Joker

Warner Bros Horror Made Here | Lead Freddy Krueger

Training & Workshops

Cold reading, scene study, audition technique, Greek mask acting, improv, clowning

Special Skills

IMPRESSIONS: Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Johnny Carson, Jerry Lewis, Sean Connery, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Harvey Fierstein, Jimmy Stewart, Harry Caray, Dick Vitale, The Joker (Mark Hamill), many others

DIALECTS: New York, Midwest/Southern US, Australian, French, British, Italian, Mexican, Russian, South Welsh, others

SKILLS: All percussion types, drum set, whistling, piano, Australian bullwhip, basketball, and more

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